January Flower of the Month!!!

by Flower Express on January 9, 2013

To kick off the new year Flower Express wants to give a little background info on our flowers.  We’ll be starting a “Flower of the Month” posting that will feed into a page of flower facts.  Look for flower meanings and little known tidbits to impress your honey with when your floral delivery arrives.


Tulips are a spring blooming perennial grown from bulbs in a variety of colors.  The plant varies from 4inches to 28inches in height.  Native to mountainous temperate climates tulip cultivation ranges from Africa, Asia, and Europe but originated in the Ottoman empire.  Most people associate the tulip with the Netherlands since it is the world’s main producer of as many as 3 billion bulbs sold annually.  In the 17th century the tulip was expensive and so prized that it was often used as currency.  A time known as “tulip mania” set in and prices sky rocketed sending markets crashing.  Even further back during the Ottoman empire the tulip was a symbol of abundance and indulgence and the most prosperous time for the Ottomans was called the “Tulip Era”.  The tulip’s primary meaning is perfect love and will add grace and elegance to any room.  You may notice the tulip’s sensitivity to temperature.  A tulip will be a closed bud in a cool environment and within 30 minutes in room temperature the bloom will pop open making your arrangement even fuller. 


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