April Flower of the Month!!!

by Flower Express on April 13, 2013


Widely grown in gardens of temperate and subtropic regions the Lily is a bulb planted in the fall or winter which flowers in the late spring or early summer.  They are also available as a potted plant in the springtime.  As a commercial flower they are available year round in varying colors including white, yellow, shades of pink, orange, purple and red. Petals may have spots or brush strokes within the coloring.  Certain varieties are very fragrant and may irritate allergies.  Also take care as lilies can be toxic to cats especially those plants referred to as “Easter Lilies”.  The stamens of the bloom become heavy with pollen and most florists will remove those before the customer takes the flower home as it stains pretty much any surface it comes in contact with.  To the ancient Greeks the Lily symbolized tenderness while the early Christians used it to show purity.

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