To schedule a consultation appointment please call or stop in at any of our four locations.  Consultations will typically take about a hour but can be as short as thirty minutes or as long as three hours depending on the scope of the event.  We prefer to have them scheduled at least two hours prior to closing time in order to give enough time for planning.  However we will meet according to the time that is best for both our schedules.


Some things you may want to bring with you…..

>Any pictures (printed or on electronic device) that depict the types of flowers or style that you like.  This helps the designer get a better idea of your particular tastes.

>Numbers of people in the party and family members and guests in attendance.  Looking at this before arrival will help ensure that you don’t forget anyone when ordering corsages and such.

>If you have items you would like us to incorporate in the designs please bring those in, have a picture, and/or the dimensions available.  These items can range from vases or containers for the reception, pergola for the ceremony,  or your great-grandmother’s broach to attach on the bridal wrap.  Such personal items make a wedding unique and sentimental.  Don’t hesitate to ask if you have an idea of something you want to include.

>Lastly, but surely not least, people.  If the fiance, mother, maid of honor, or coordinator would like to be there for the consultation please invite them along.  Two heads are always better than one as long as it is constructive input.



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